A special issue on Translational Hermeneutics – Call for Papers (abstract submission deadline 31 August)

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Rushdie Affair Revisited

3 Jul

Anna Maria Tomczak The University of Bialystok Abstract: The article discusses the controversy surrounding the 1988 publication of Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses from today’s perspective, drawing on the writer’s memoir Joseph Anton. It provides an overview of Rushdie’s career, a brief resumé of the events that followed the Ayatollah Khomeini’s edict calling for […]

Virtual Togetherness: Sense of Identity and Community in Cyberspace

3 Jul

Rafał Modzelewski The University of Bialystok Abstract. It is an uncontroversial statement to say that we live in an age of the enormous influence of information technology. The Internet in particular has been instrumental in shaping and reshaping modern reality. It harbours millions of communities and social networks, where people interact with each other on […]

Finding God(s) in Fantasylands: Religious Ideas in Fantasy Literature

3 Jul

Weronika Łaszkiewicz The University of Bialystok Abstract. The following paper analyzes how fantasy literature addresses the topic of religion. The discussion of the genre’s dependence on myths, supported by Mircea Eliade’s claims about the sacred and profane spheres of human life, offers an answer to the questions why religion is one of the most prominent […]

Cross-cultural Socialization into a Common Profession: Exploring how Nursing Students in Taiwan and in the U.S. Narrate Professional Identity

3 Jul

Boyd H. Davis, The University of North Carolina, Charlotte Ralf Thiede, The University of North Carolina, Charlotte Mary K. Smith, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte Abstract. This discussion will draw on a series of written stories and commentaries on professional values in nursing for a cross-cultural pragmatics study of US nursing students in North Carolina […]