Michael Wyndham Thomas The Portswick Imp: Collected Stories 2001-2016, Black Pear Press.

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Michael Wyndham Thomas is an Irish-British poet, fiction-writer, dramatist and musician. His poetry, prose and scripts have appeared in Critical Survey, The Antioch Review, the TLS, and CrossroadsHis poetry collections include Port Winston Mulberry (2010), Batman’s Hill, South Staffs (2013), The Girl from Midfoxfields (2014),Come to Pass (2015) and Early and Late (2018). In 2015, his novella, ‘Esp’, was shortlisted for the UK Novella Award. He is also the author of two novels, The Mercury Annual (2009) and Pilgrims at the White Horizon (2015), and a collaborator of CrossroadsThe Portswick Imp: Collected Stories 2001-2016 published by Black Pear Press is his most recent title.

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‘Past, present and future meet throughout Thomas’s stories, and the meetings are not without consequence.  But there is humour, too, and the chance for the reader to alight in unusual places at significant times.  The stories in The Portswick Imp open up lives in all their ordinary improbability.  Here, so often, is a desperation that refuses to be quiet. But here also is an acceptance – laughing or simply wide-eyed – of a world where (in the words of one character) what is to come can feel like “the first yard of a desert” or (in the words of another) “the proper start.”’